Milwaukee 48-22-7400 2-Piece Adjustable Chrome Plate Wrench Set 6 in. and 10 in.

Sale price$34.47


Features & Benefits:

  • Proprietary adjustment screw – jaws won’t not back off
  • Wide jaw wrench – maximum versatility
  • Chrome plated - best-in-class rust protection
  • Rounded handle design - more comfortable in the palm
  • Dual laser etch ruler - accurate, easy-to-read fastener sizing

Milwaukee adjustable wrenches have a proprietary adjustments screw that prevents jaws from backing off. The wide jaws provide maximum versatility and the rounded handle design makes these wrenches more comfortable in the palm. The dual laser etch ruler allows for accurate and easy to read fastener sizing. These durable, chrome plated wrenches also have best-in-class rust protection.

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