Milwaukee 2441-21 M12 10 Oz. Cordless Caulk / Adhesive Gun Batt Charger Kit

Sale price$197.48


Features and Benefits:

  • Constant Flow Technology: consistent beads resulting in cleaner, faster installations
  • Top speed dial and variable speed trigger: complete dispensing rate control from 0-28 IPM
  • Compact and lightweight: up to 40% less weight than competitive cordless caulk guns
  • Anti-drip: automatically reverses plunger relieving pressure from the tube
  • Up to 400 lbs. of pushing force: eliminates user stress caused by repetitive hand tool use

The compact and lightweight M12™ Cordless Caulk and Adhesive Gun improves productivity and reduces user fatigue from dispensing operations. Pushing up to 400 lbs. of force at a consistent rate results in clean and consistent beads. The combination of both a variable speed trigger and a top speed dial allow the user to fully control the flow rate. This configuration is designed for use with standard 10oz. cartridge carriages.

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