Ingersoll Rand C1101-K2 Iqv12 Reciprocating Saw 2-Battery Kit

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Features and Benefits:

  • ACCESSIBILITY: The C1101 takes all the best parts of an air saw and leaves behind the limitations of hoses. With an inline, low-profile design and a reliable IQV12 battery, this cordless reciprocating saw makes accurate cuts in the tightest spaces
  • PERFORMANCE: From plastic to sheet metal, the C1101 performs. It’s built for controlled cuts and gives you the power to change the speed and the blade length for the job at hand. And the C1101 is geared, so there’s less chance of stalling when you have to lean into a tough job
  • DURABILITY: Making a saw more agile isn't’t worth it if it can’t stand up to the job. This cordless reciprocating saw has an impact and chemical resistant housing to protect against drops, shop fluids and whatever else you put it through
  • COMFORT: This lightweight, low vibe cordless reciprocating saw cuts sheet metal and other materials comfortably, with less noise than an air saw. Plus, a rubber over-molded grip absorbs vibration to avoid fatigue when you’re pushed to your limit
  • Includes (2) r2.0 Li-ion Batteries, 12V charger, (6) Variable Blades

Introducing the Ingersoll Rand IQV12 Series C1101 Reciprocating Saw—the first 12V cordless reciprocating saw designed to meet the demands of the automotive industry. This air-saw-inspired reciprocating saw’s inline, low-profile design allows maximum access to tight spaces. An adjustable guard gives you total control to use a longer blade for complex scrolling and circular cuts or a shorter blade for precise straight cuts. At 3,000 SPM, the lightweight, low vibe cordless C1101 runs through fenders, body panels and other metal surfaces in a hurry. Plus, because it’s geared and in continuous motion, this saw can handle heavier loads and slower speeds, significantly reducing the chance of stalling when faced with REAL WORK.


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