Ingersoll Rand 2135QTL-2 1/2" Torque Limited Impact Wrench

Sale price$244.18


Features and Benefits:

  • Limited forward torque: Prevents overtightening of lug nuts and minimizes the risk of damaging wheels
  • Max reverse torque: 780 ft-lbs removes stuck lug nuts with ease
  • Advanced impact mechanism: 3x more durable than our previous torque limiting impact wrenches
  • Chemical resistant housing: Protects against exposure to shop fluids
  • Lightweight: Weighs only 4.3 lbs to help reduce fatigue with repeated use

Too much torque can wreak havoc on a passenger vehicle. The new 2135QTL-2 1/2" Torque Limited Impact Wrench restricts forward torque to reduce the change of damaging wheels - without sacrificing a single ft-lb of reverse torque. Our fastest, quietest and toughest torque limiting impact wrench ever, this proficient tool gets lugs off and back on with just the right amount of power. Engineered as the ultimate torque wrench counterpart, the 2135QTL-2 is built for convenience and quality. Because over-torquing is underperforming.

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