GearWrench KDS3761 2-1/4 Dial Indicator Set With Base

Sale price$110.99


Features and Benefits:

  • English dial gauge
  • Powerful 130 lbs pull
  • Two magnetic mounting surfaces: bottom and back
  • Universal dovetail clamp for dial test indicators
  • On/Off switch
  • Center rod 1/2" diameter x 7" high
  • Swivel adapter to mount all AGD dial indicators with lug backs

KD Tools Dial Indicator Set with on/off switch incorporated in stand. Features 2-1/4 inch English dial gauge with range of 0-1.3 graduations of .001. Centered V-magnet for strongest grip on round or flat surfaces. Powerful 130 pounds pull and two magnetic mounting surfaces - bottom and back. Swival adapter to mount all AGD dial indicators with lug backs. Has universal dovetail clamp for dial test indicators. Comes with deluxe on/off switch stand. All KD Mechanic's Hand and Specialty Tools are designed to fulfill highly specialized functions. KD Tools are proudly made with the finest components under the most stringent manufacturing guidelines. Made for every day use and guaranteed for life.


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