GearWrench KDS2901 Brake Bleeder Tank 4 Qt. 10-1/2Ft. Hose

Sale price$168


Features and Benefits:

  • 4-qt. capacity
  • Quick Disconnect Coupler and a 10-1/2 in. hose included
  • Adapters are available for many cars
  • Replacement part: 2222-76
  • Replacement part: 2222-73 Pressure Gauge
  • Tightens or loosen nuts on the battery terminal clamps Serrated jaws give better grip Handles are offset for working in cramped areas Cushioned handles provide additional user comfortThe battery nut pliers easily loosen and tighten nuts on battery terminal clamps. Its handles are offset for working in cramped areas. The jaws are serrated for a firm grip. These are safe and easy to use.

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