CTA Manufacturing 8492 Internal Bearing Remover Set

Sale price$182.09


Features and Benefits:

  • Includes set of expander adapters to grip bearings
  • Includes special pin puller adapters
  • Includes slide hammer
  • Includes 2 armed puller
  • All packed in blow mold case
  • Removes Captured Bearings, Pilot Bearings, Bushings, etc. Positive grip design prevents slippage. Better than jaw-type pullers. Includes Puller, 11” / 29cm long Slide Hammer, 5 Expanding Adapters & 3 pin puller attachments. Working range is 8 – 34mm diameter. Attachment sizes – M6 x 1.0P, M8 x 1.25P, M10 x 1.5P.

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