CPS Products LDA1000H Electronic Leak Detector

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Features and Benefits:

  • Certified for R134a SAEJ2791 and meets the SAEJ2913
  • Works with all refrigerants with a full 2 year warranty including sensor
  • E_MOS‚Ñ¢ sensor technology incorporates modular design to increase both battery and sensor life
  • 500 + hour of sensor life minimum
  • One touch button to turn on and scroll between sensitivity
  • The new Electronic leak detector is the state of the art in refrigerant leak detector the is sertified for SAEJ2791 for R134a and meets the standards fro SAEJ2913 for the NEW HFO1234YF refrigerant nd also works with all HFC,CFC and CFC gases. 50+ battery life with an automatic shut off after 10 minutes, sensor life is more then 500 hours. Both visual and audible leak indicator. The E-MOS sensor technologyincorporatesa software managed sensor rejuvenation mode, iniated at each startup ensuring the highest level of sensitivity with every use. Leak rates as small as .1oz/year with a full 2 year warranty including the sensor. Low battery indicator leddown to 10% of battery life.

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