Clore Automotive PL6800 12V Pro-Logix Fleet Charger W/100A Power Supply

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Features and Benefits:

  • 100 Amp On-Demand Power Supply for Module Reprogramming
  • Extra Long 13' Replaceable Cables with HD Clamp
  • 100A Max Charge Rate for Fleet Battery Servicing
  • Properly Charges a Variety of Lead-Acid Battery Types
  • Automatic Charging for Easy Operation
  • The PL6800 is specifically designed to meet the challenges of servicing the multi-battery packs found in today's Over-the-Road vehicles, implements, and agricultural equipment. With A maximum charging rate of 100 amps, it is able to bring even heavily discharged multi-battery packs to full charge quickly and safely. The PL6800 provides stable power for vehicle reflashing applications, with up to 100 amps available on demand. This mode supports OR stable power supply requirements. The PL6800 keeps voltage ripple to a minimum to deliver clean power that will not disrupt the reprogramming event. It also features fast load responsiveness to minimize voltage drop when system demand spikes.

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